Batavus Regency, a few questions

I just picked up a nice Batavus Regency with the Laura M-56 Engine yesterday. I think it is a 1980 model, only 1800 miles on it too. Rides pretty nice but I have a few questions if anyone can help.

-Bike starts up fine and runs, but it doesn't idle unless you hold the throttle on. Where is the idle control adjustment? Or do I just adjust the throttle cable, maybe it needs a new one?

-Also, it needs new rear brakes pretty bad, anyone know where I can pick some up?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Re: Batavus Regency, a few questions

the idle screw is on top of the carb - just above the brass jet holder. if you were lucky enough to get a regency that still has the engine covers and sidecovers you'll need to take both of these off on the right side of the bike - as well as the airbox - in order to get to the idle screw.

finding parts for the regency is pretty hit or miss. i always keep an eye on ebay for M56 parts since they're few and far between.


Thanks. I got the idle adjusted now, just fast enough so it will idle. Seems to be a little slower getting going though. Actually there is a little hole a skinny screwdriver can fit through so you don't have to take all the stuff off. I do have all of the covers though. Still need those brakes ..

Re: Thanks


Lucky you... unfortunately I wasn't aware of the hole for the idle since mine came without the covers. Still looking for a replacement set.

Looks like you picked up a real beauty. I like the look of the step-through Regency. Unfortunately mine was pretty rough when I got it, so I ended up doing a full rebuild / custom job on it.


Re: Thanks

Hey, noticed that you're in Cinci. Have you tried getting in touch with The Bombardment Society yet? They're a really great group and they've hosted some great events

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