1983 Honda PA 50 - Headlight

Is there a way to remove the bulb inside the sealed unit and replace. Honda dealer wants WAY to much for a 6V bulb.

Any ideas?


Re: 1983 Honda PA 50 - Headlight

I actually did just that to my headlight. I took my Dremel tool and ground off the solder that holds in the bulb and socket. Once you grind off enough. the socket/bulb will be loose. I then broke the bulb and pulled the socket out. Now you need to find a socket. I noticed that Autozone had single and dual fillament sockets that would work, even though I just used a basic socket and made a spring that keeps it in the hole. Next you will need a bulb. I went to a wholesaler who had every book of every bulb ever made, and he could not find a dual filament bulb that had glass small enough to fit in the hole in the headlight housing. So I just went with a 10w bulb that looked very simular to the 5w bulb that is used in the Hobbits' talilight. It is very bright and works great. Total cost for bulb and socket should be under 5 dollars. Good luck Glenn.

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