Problem with 85 Motomarina Sebring

Robert Susinski /

I have a 1985 Motomarina Sebring with a Morini engine. I purchased the 60cc Polini speed kit from Moped Warehouse and a mechanic installed it. I have not been able to start the bike at all since the kit was installed. I checked all wiring and got a new sparkplug, the exhaust was cleaned, the carb (dellorto) was cleaned, and the bike has all new fluids. The fuel jet is a Dellorto #52 and it is clean. The bike is burning the gas oil mix because you can see smoke and smell it coming out of the pipe, but the engine will still not start. Also you can pedal the bike as fast as possible and it goes like 2 mph.

Any ideas?

Re: Problem with 85 Motomarina Sebring

the engine will not burn anything if it will not start.

I know of NO good mechanic that would install a kit like that and not try to start the bike. Why didn't he daignos that.

Anyway, spray carb cleaner in the carb and see if it starts for a few seconds. Then post back.

You also need to upjet but that is another issue.

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