cylinderhead problems

dose anyone have a reason for this the damage to the head seemes to be

caused by the washers being in the wrong position in realationship to the

hole. so would that mean that the studs are in some kind of bind (although

the cylinder slid on to the studs smothly) .I can kind of understand the

washer damage but the studs being bent is strange to me .this how it

happened. i went to tighten the head bolts down to 10 lbs in incriments of

60 80 and 100 percent. then when i was tightning the last nut to the the

10 lbs it felt like the stud broke so i went to to take it out and it just

kept spinning loosely in the hole but would not back ot .So i took out the

oppisite one . the nut came out connected to the stud witch was bent .then

i took another out and the stud stayed in and the nut came off. it was ok

then the next one i took out came out together and the stud was bent then

to get the last one out, the one i thought i broken the stud on i applied

light pressure between the head and the cylinder with a screwdriver to keep

pressure on the stud and nut and backed it out luckily the stud was still

in tackt but the thres on the nut had stripped out. this all seems kind of

strange to me .I guess it would be helpfull if you knew that i installed a

70 cc speedkit on my 77 puch maxi 0ne speed two hp motor the one from

mopedjunkyard (if i am refering to this kit what would it be call who is the



pictures of bolt

heres the bent bolts


Re: cylinderhead problems

That is a common problem with those kits. It is caused because the cylinder head is not cast well enough and then the surface that the nut/washer needs to clamp against is not milled parallel to the head surface. That cylinder head is made by Fast Arrow in Taiwan. The cylinder kit that you have is made by Taiwan Chemical and Cylinder Development industries (TCCD).

Chris MWH

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