Frozen E50 kickstart

bought a magnum x today the motor is frozen at cylinder to piston,,,(rust at bottom),,,,pulled out motor from frame and pulled head,,,crank moves good,,,,motor is on the table ,,,this is the big fin cylinder and head,,,what's a soaking chemical to free up rust??? ,,,,thanks

Re: Frozen E50 kickstart

I'd heat the cyl.up evenly with a propane torch held away from it a good 3" and then hit it with PB Blaster spray or Liquid wrench after you get it good and hot. Actually...revolving the crank......until the cylinder sets down ALL THE WAY BACK ONTO THE ENGINE,and then taking a wooden peg,or cut a broomstick handle, and wacking that with a hammer sharply,but not heavily, may free it. don-ohio (:^D

Re: Frozen E50 kickstart

Bryan Strahl /

another really good lube is Aero-Kroil if you can find any...

Re: Frozen E50 kickstart,,THANKS DON.

I'll try that ,,,after better inspection the back half of cylinder is rusty "pitted" bad ,,,,,looks like I'll have to split the case and pull crank,, wanted the to use head and cylinder ,,but o-well ,,I'll be happy with crank and kickstart

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