I cant turn the lights...

My motobecane is now running... i adjusted the float valve and now it stands runnig in a steady pace even when i am totally stopped...

the problem now is when i turn the lights on, it seems that i am stealing power from the spark, and it starts to choke if i am running to slow... what can i do to prevent this ??? What can i check to see if is it ok ??? This motobecane has benn abandoned by the owner a couple of years... its a motobecane v51. see my bikes pics at www.motoretas.cjb.net

Thanks to all.

Re: I cant turn the lights...

Possibly the headlight or taillight is wired into the wrong coil and not the lighting coil. There are 3 coils on some of those, and two of them just look like one,because they are stacked on top of one another. Check for shorted wires also, and the switch contacts. don-ohio

Re: I cant turn the lights...

Ricardo Oliveira /


Re: I cant turn the lights...

To clean your points you must remove the flywheel. You will need to remove the nut that holds the flywheel on . It is Left hand threaded (reverse thread). Also do not use sand paper. Use emery cloth. Sand paper is made of silicon carbide and is the last thing you want to embed into your point face.

Chris MWH



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