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William Rekshan /

Well, I have a 1978 Vespa Grande, and I have been riding it this spring for the past two weeks. It has been running fine untill last night. I was out for a cruise and while I was going at 27 mph the moped just stops running, the lights turns off, and I slow to a halt. I try to start it again, and it doesn't seem like the engine is moving. I'm really bad at the terminology so, you'll have to forgive for my lack of articulation. But, when I usually start the moped, I run with it, at some point when I have enough speed, it feels as if the engine catches, and the engine makes a sound like it is trying to run. But, now, when I try to start it, it feels as if the engine catches, but there is no sound. That is the best I can do to describe the problem. The carb was cleaned just a few days ago, so it can't be the carb. Could anyone help me out with some direction. I do not even know where to begin on a problem like this.



Re: Vespa Grande HELP!..ZIPPY?

Do you think the lights went out because the engine quit? We need Zippy here for sure!

I hope you didn't soft-seize it, but if the engine didn't want to turn when trying to start it, that would be a possibility.Cleaning the carb might have caused a lean condition if something was changed or missed. Wait for Zippy to answer or someone more knowledgeable of Grandes.

JimC. used to frequent this forum and was GREAT on Vespa questions. don-ohio (:^D

Re: Vespa Grande HELP!..ZIPPY?

Vespa grande gas tanks are notorious for clogging with rust. The tanks arent removeable so they are a royal pain in the ass to clean. Double check that fuel is coming out of the tank, if not remove the petcock and flush it out.

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Start out with the usual easy things first William. Make sure the spark plug cap is securely ssnapped onto the spark plug end.

When was the last time (approx miles) you changed the spark plug?

Get a new spark plug and check to see if you have spark.

Take out the tail light bulb (yep the tail light bulb) and make sure the filaments aren't burned out. It may have two (1 for tail light, 1 for barke)

Check for loose wires, especially the small wire that goes into the back of the coil (right side of bike, black, kinda of cylinder shaped with spark plug wire coming out the front of it.)

Make sure you have fuel flow from the gas tank. Check to make sure that the pin hole in the gas cap and rubber insert are open.

Lights would go out if the engine dies. Lights run off of engine's magneto, no running engine no lights.

Can you please clarify about when it died and you tried to start it. We are trying to determeine if you had a "Soft Seize" as Don-O mentioned. This would cause your engine to be "stuck" (you wouldn't be able to turn it over) until it cooled down.

If it wasn't stuck that is good.

What mix are you running. Should be 2.5 ounces of a good 2 stroke motor oil to 1 gal of gas?

Check for spark, tail light bulb and fuel flow and give us an update.

Re: Vespa Grande HELP!

Quick way to check if you've seized it: take the left sidecover off and try rotating the first belt pulley (variator). If you can turn it, it's not seized.

Re: Vespa Grande HELP!

Charlie Bond /

i have the same ped and i have the same problem!!

but i got a new exhaust and i was doing 36 down a hill and it just died, the same way that yours did.

Re: Vespa Grande HELP!

Charlie Bond /

hey check the tail light, that is what is wrong with mine, if it doesnt work then just wrap the bottom part where it goes into the bike with tin foil and it works. but i would recomend you get a new light

by the way, do you have a picture of yours, i just want to see if mine is just a piece of shit or if it is in decent condition cuz of its age.



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