Magneto? Coil?! HELP!@#

Michael Bernier /

Sorry for yelling but I am really frustrated. I have been working on a spark problem on my '64 Sparta for a number of weeks and have made little progress.

Today I adjusted the gap on my points and gapped my spark plug. I was able to get spark out of it but it was a bit weak and was inconsistend (pretty much my original problem.. ugh!!)

I thought maybe the armature on my ignition coil was not close enough to the magneto so I moved it ever so slightly closer to the magneto, thinking the coil may not have been getting enough of the magnetic field. Once I did this I noticed that the armature on the coil was making contact ever so slightly with the magneto, making it difficult to turn over and it got rid of any spark I did have.

I tried to move it back to where it was and got no spark. I then spent the next hour taking off the magneto, adjusting the position of the coil, replacing the magneto and checking again. The best I got was (again) a weak and inconsistent spark. I am really pi$$ed off about this problem because I have tried so much but am still exactly where I started.

So far I have (in no particular order) replaced the spark plug, plug cap, plug wire, condenser and ignition points. The ONLY things left are the mangeto itself and the ignition coil.

Does anyone know what kinds of symptoms are associated to a bad coil? How about a bad magneto? Do the magnets in the magneto become weak and need to be replaced? Someone... anyone??

Re: Magneto? Coil?! HELP!@#

Could a wire on the points or condensor be barely touching the outer drum of the mag? That happened to me once, but I have a suspicion your problem is in the kill switch wire or the kill switch itself. Check it out. Most kill switches only take the ignition wire from the points to ground up at the handlebars.Very simple. don-ohio (:^D

Re: Magneto? Coil?! HELP!@#

Another thing.......unhook the horn wire and try it also. Those horns can be power robbers. don-ohio

Re: Magneto? Coil?! HELP!@#

Michael Bernier /

OK.. Here is a little drawing of the electrical under my magneto. It doesn't look like there are any wires touching the outer drum of the mag. If there was, would the rubber shielding of the wire prevent it from grounding out? or would that cause problems?

My bike doesn't have a horn (it has a really cool two tone manual bell... DINGDONG!)

One thing I did try was to disconnect the black and yellow wires from the wiring harness. I assume the red one goes in to the kill switch and the blue one is connected to the lighting but I havn't followed them up yet. Those wires both go up towards the handlebars. By disconnecting them would I have eliminated the possibility that the lighting or kill switch could be the problem?

I know I am getting electricity because I accidentally got a pretty good shock from the yellow wire. OUCH!

I have also seen posts for some mopeds that have electrical problems when the tail-light is burnt. Could that be my problem?

I will double-check the wires under the mag again. Thanks for your help!

Re: Magneto? Coil?! HELP!@#

Michael Bernier /

Well, I pulled off my magneto again and checked the positioning of all the wires... seems to be fine.

I have given up and ordered a new ignition coil. I hope that is the problem...

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