Removing a broken bolt???

The bolt for the rear shock on my Tomos Targa broke when I was loosening it yesterday. It snapped just about even with the threads on the frame. I've drilled a hole in the center and tried to remove it with an easy out, with no luck. I've enlarged the hole in the center as far as I feel comfortable doing with out ruining the threads. Does anyone have any suggestions as to another method I can use to remove it??


The Pedhead

screw out

Dave Chudak /

some hardware stores sell a device for getting stripped screws out... i dont see why you couldnt use it for that application thought... just put the "screw-out" into the hole you drilled, and it knaws into the metal giving it enough grip to twist it out... there may even be something like this for bolts at a hardware store... never know

and lube it up like a mother-f#$%er too... WD-40 works well with cleaning up the whole mess before removing..

good luck to you...


Re: Removing a broken bolt???

Joseph A. Fournier /

Dont fret: Drill it out and if needed retap one size over if you

bugger up the threads. If all goes well and you ARE centered,

use the correct drill size and then retap to the same size.

If not, use the correct tap drill, and retap to one size over, then

you may have to enlarge the shock hole. If it is a "blind hole",

(that does not go all the way through) you will need a starting tap

and a bottoming tap. Can either be done with metric tap or

american tap if needed. Use a good strong bolt this time and

a good tap lube when tapping. If you need any more help,

contact me. Can loan you taps and drills if needed, but need sizes. Joe

Re: screw out

Greg Keith /

Oh, what a day Man,

Took some advice from you guys and I gotta say Thanks.

I did what you suggested and Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom, and I'm back on the road again.............


The Pedhead

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