Flat Tire Repair

Daniel Rekshan /

The other day, I ran over some glass. The back tire on my Trac '85 is now flat. I bought a tube repair kit, with patches and cement. But I don't know how to remove the wheel from the bike so I can access the tube. Any information about doing this would be great. Thanks

Re: Flat Tire Repair

I would only use a tube repair kit on either a moped I run on short trips,which I don't own,Ha!..........or if broken down on the road with a flat tire somewhere. I would replace with a new tube.

But if you're just gonna repair the tube and not replace it, AND if you KNOW there is no glass inside the tire, you can just deflate the tire, push in the tire bead from the rim and reach under and pull out that coupla' inches of tube(you'll see the puncture hopefully) at the point it's damaged, and repair it right there on the road. Then stuff the tube back into the tire,making sure it isn't pinched,and take your Handy-Dandy CO2 inflator and air it up.........or a hand pump.

Just NEVER use a filling station hose all of a sudden on any moped tire. If you must, try to be as gentle as possible when airing it up,doing so very little at a time. okay? don-ohio (:^)

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