fa50 wants to start but wont

Hello everyone,

I have a 87 fa50, It has been unactive for over 5 years, It wants to start when i kick it over ,but will not continue to run for more than 1or 2 seconds. It has a brand new carb from suzuki as well as a brand new battery, fresh gas, fresh spark plug, new air filter and very lubed throttle cable.m

The bike Really wants to start but it almost seems as if something is holding it back or killing it...I was thinking that there might be a auto kill switch on the oil injector thats malfunctioning? Thanks alot


Re: fa50 wants to start but wont

If it sat that long,the choke may be sticking. Does it have an electric one or hand operated? Have you tried a little starting fluid? FRESH spark plug? I assume that's a NEW spark plug? don-ohio (:^)

Re: fa50 wants to start but wont

I just checked the choke it is running smoothly it is hand operated, the carb is brand new- just installed. I just tried starting it with starting fluid and it is still the same . The bike has great spark -Very strong, it also has fresh super unleaded the only thing that has not been touched is the oil .I have to crank the throttle back pretty far to have the engine make any noise at all. Is there any kill switch that might be engaged ?? I am using a key off of another fa50 that seems to fit but maybe its not connecting all the way? The bike is there it just will not stay running for more than a second.

Thanks for the help -Cheers

Re: fa50 wants to start but wont

I fixed it, it turned out to be a clogged exhaust pipe! I just stuck a screw driver in it and presto the bike came to life eagerly.

cheers ,


Re: fa50 wants to start but wont

good to hear it- happy trails


Re: fa50 wants to start but wont

howd did u stick the screw driver in , can you explain this process in more detail?

Re: fa50 wants to start but wont

He just had a carbon plug in the very end of it apparently. don-ohio

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