My 1984 Honda Spree won't start

Hi, my name is Bob and I just bought a 1984 Honda Spree from a buddy of mine. It seems to run just fine, but it has a problem getting started. I've allready replaced the battery and changed the oil. If I can get it started once and I turn it off, it seems to have no problem starting agian. It's just that it sometimes won't start the first time. The engine will sound like it wants to turn over but it doesn't. Any advice is much appriciated. Thanks!

Re: My 1984 Honda Spree won't start

for sure spin in a new plug, and check you mixture,unless it's oil injected. start there.

Re: My 1984 Honda Spree won't start

Andrew Scullin /

maybe check out the idle screw...that helped me one time

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