Motobecane 50v starting up

2 Quick questions

Working on a Motobecane 50v and I'm having some problems getting it to start correctly.

The first thing is when i twist the little thing on the sidewheel next to the pedal to move the clamp onto the chain so spin the flywheel ... it doesnt stay.. do I need just a new spring? or is there a way i can rig it to stay on it all the time?

The other thing is, even when the clamp is on (me pushing it on and peddling quickly) the flywheel spins, but the other silver disc on the otherside (magneto casing?) does _not_ spin. Which would be a pretty big cause of it not starting I'm guessing, hah.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much,


Re: Motobecane 50v starting up

Try to find the motobecane repair manual and the motobecane instructions manual... mine was giving me some problems too. i changed the spark plug to the one that refers on the manutal, made some new gasoline (mixture 2% oil), cleaned the carburatour and now runs and starts great.

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