Help pleease? I got a Puch and


I bought 1980 Puch Newport 2 yesterday. It was sitting in a shed all winter here in Massachusetts. It does not start. The only thing that I did though was put in the gas/oil mix (1 gallon of gas and a small bottle of oil (it said on the bottle to mix the whole thing) and tried to start it. I tried the choke down and up when starting and the gas was turned to on along with the button being in the start position. It sounds like it wants to start brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but does not. The moped looks really good except the seat in worn. I do not know anything about repair but I took the plastic sides off to take a look and nothing at all seems broke and the wires are not cut or anything. I checked all the wires on the whole bike and they seem to be ok. Also The lights and horn work when I am trying to start it. I am picking up a new spark plug today (they did not have it in stock yesterday) and will see if that does anything if that doesn't work then i'm lost. I am ordering the book for it and would love to get this thing going. Can anyone give me some ideas to try? Thanks! Chuck

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check for spark. If it has spark then remove the carburetor and clean it with gumout carburetor cleaner. Spray it out good and scrub it with an old toothbrush. 90% of the time it is the carburetor. Where is mass are you?

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Thanks! I got a spark plug today and it starts but then dies. I checked on website and they said the same thing. Either that or the fuel line but probably the carborator. Is it easy?



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remove the carb. then take off the float bowl (round bowl on bottom of carb)

clean out the main jet

(this is inside the metel tube that sticks down into the float bowl),

and stick a small piece of wire through every hole you can see.

this part is easy but

if you are going to take apart the top by unscrewing the 2 screws

you might want to get a photo of a carb that is taken apart so you can see how it is all put together

this is for a bing carb but all are basicly the same

hope this helps

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after you remove the float bowl you might have to add a sealer if gas starts to leak out

add sealer or replace the float bowl gasket

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