my puch problems

ok here is everything i can remember:

petcock leaks, which means after a week, my moped is usually empty.

I pull out my moped to put the wiring onto it (i've just gotten it back together a couple of weeks ago and it's been running nicely).

the Puch started briefly (a few seconds) then sputtered out due to no fuel. I fill with gas that has been evaporating for awhile. and the oil hasnt, and so i believe the ratio was way off. i didnt think about it until after the fact though. When i saw too much smoke coming from the exhaust, that's when i thought about it.

Sooo... i shut it off and stopped worrying about it. I get it all wired up. then i try to start it and it wont start. I take all the wiring back off to make sure i didnt ground something i wasnt supposed to.

Still, it wont start. so i drain the tank and refill it with a fresh gas mix. No luck.

I have spark. I have compression. Nothing occurred recently that would have caused it to just not start...besides that gas thing.

Further876 was over in the afternoon and tried his hand at figuring it out, but no luck for him either. So if anyone has any suggestions that we havnt though of, or questions, please let me know! thanks a lot in advance.

PS. forgive my spelling/grammer mistakes if any, it's late and i'm watching Rushmore right now.

Re: my puch problems

Jason Luther /

get a new plug and clean your carb. just because it sparks does mean it sparks well enough, especially if you were burning a very rich mix of oil.-jason ( o.r. they?)

Re: my puch problems

hmmm his carb is spotless. its brand new. so unless something got through the fuel filter and clogged it....i dont think thats the problem. a new plug is prob a good idea. the only other thing i could think of was that he kept flooding his engine. what would cause that? oh and ryan...redo that wiring you have going to the plug. make sure that hasnt come alittle loose from being banged around or something. you should prob replace the electrical tape with a real connector...

Re: my puch problems

I would check and see if gas is flowing well to the carb and engine. Hold down the nob that depresses the float and make sure you are getting fuel into the carb. Hold it until you see gas flows out and bit. Then try and start it. If no fuel comes out, check and make sure the petcock is not clogged or the fuel line kinked.

Make sure the run switch is on (I am sure it was, but many a time I have knocked it by accident and shut it off).

Re-check your wiring and spark again.

Depress the choke (I sometimes forget to do this..).

Just trying to help...don't give it to much throttle...

Re: my puch problems

thanks guys.

Further, if i can get to yesteryear this week, i will fix all the wiring. But the connection i have to the spark is fine. I checked regularly to make sure nothing came apart.

Fred, i'm pretty certain the petcock isnt clogged. When i remove the gas line and turn the petcock on, gas flows out nicely. I had the carb apart and it looks spotless inside. It only has about 15 miles on it, so it should be spotless at this point. I don't have a run switch right now, the plug is wired straight to coil. I had the choke depressed. I think i'll try a new plug just to make sure.

Keep the suggestions coming guys, i appreciate the help!

Re: my puch problems

ryan...i bet its cause you have diabetes

Re: my puch problems

Jason Luther /

if your flooding your float needle is probably dirty or warn, so when the float rises up it doent shut the gas off from coming into the carb. clean where the needle seats really well, or if the rubbertip is warn, replace it.-jason

Re: my puch problems

After trying to start it with the petcock on, remove the plug and see if it is wet with gas. If it's not, you're not getting gas to the cylinder.

You can also spray starter spray in the spark plug hole while you have the plug out, then reinstall the plug and try to start it. If it tries to kick over or starts and only runs for a few seconds trhen you need to clean the main jet in your carb again.

I've cleaned carbs, put them back on the ped and the dog gone thing won't start and I know I just cleaned the main jet and blew it out and could see thru the jet hole, but sometimes a bit of debris will still get back in the main jet and you have to reclean it.

Re: my puch problems

haha, diabetes jokes just never get old...

Re: my puch problems

hey guys, thanks everyone for all the great help. i've been thinking lately about all the details i can, and i think i have an idea, i'll let you know what i come up with this weekend! thanks!

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