new TFR wont run

Stephen Krouse /

we have a tfr USA new 351 miles and it just stopped running we cleaned the carb 10 times we have spark and we are stumped.

i need some help cause we are going on a big ride today and worked on the ped tell 12 last night

Re: new TFR wont run

You have spark so check that the fuel is getting into the float bowl. If uyou have that,and it has compression, it may be a BLOWN crank seal. A blown crank seal keeps the engine vacuum from pulling fuel thru the reed just pulls outside air usually from behind the stator plate.

Make sure of the fuel delivery first though. don-ohio (:^)

Re: new TFR wont run

Troy Weisenmiller /

yea if it wont start, only 3 things to prevent it, gas spark and compression.

so see if you got gas, then compression afte that, like don said

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