Tail Light Number

Hi -

Can some one tell me what the correct tail light bulb is for a 1975 Puch Moped?

Also - I need a tailight lens for this one as well and I have noticed there is quite a variety of them. Any ideas on the style or part number I need to be looking for?

Re: Tail Light Number

Tail light bulb 6v 5w

Brake light 6v 10w.

Best if you have a pic of your tail light assembly or search on EBay to see if you can find a picture of one that matches your assembly style. There were 2 basic types, vertical type and the other horizontal.

Re: Tail Light Number

Re: Tail Light Number

I guess mine is the horizontal style - it takes only one bulb and I have a Chrome mounting bracket. Any idea on the bulb number?

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