motovecane v51 "chokes + drowns"

I have a problem, if you can, please help. my motobecane v51, when i run, as soon as i take the gas to slow down it chokes and goes down. how can i fix this problem ??? I know that there is floating too much gasoline to the carburator. what can i do to tune the carburator ???

My problem is when it chokes, if i start to pedal comes gasoline out from the muffler… i need to find pictures how to tune the carburator and to see the exact dimension of the screw that regulates the amount of gasoline flow, and what is the float valve correct position and distances… can anybody tell me ??? Or where can i find this information ??? Is there any other carburator that i can install ??? I

Re: motovecane v51 "chokes + drowns"

There's no screw that regulates gas flow..........just a certain size jet is fitted into the `diffuser'. You probably as I think I said before, have a bad float or needle valve or dirt in the needle valve seat. I can look in the manual, but I don't think the float has an adjustment? I'm not sure though....and since you're from Portugal, the carb could really be different. don-ohio (:^)

Re: motovecane v51 "chokes + drowns"

You can push up or down on the float by holding the needle in place but be very careful push a little at a time up toward the point for more gas flow or down for less gas in the bowl. thanks Ray

Re: motovecane v51

I highly recommend replacing the carburator with a dellordo model. The 15/15 SHA variety is very reliable and performs well. You can find these carbs in france at They also sell many parts for 51v motobecanes.

I have a 50v motobecane with a dellordo SHA 15/15, and I am very happy with it.

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