honda express crankcase problem

Now that the bore kit is installed and everything should have been ready it only allows me to kick the the ratchet start down like 4 times and when I press the brake lever it turns over but only once. When I pull off the points chrome cover I can turn the screwuntil it feels like somehting releases like a spring in the crankcase but agian only allows me to kick it down 4 times.If I take the crank case cover off I dont want any springs to release so how should I take it off so that wont happen. And if anyone knows what the problem is please help me I really want to start riding again.

thanks geoff

Re: honda express crankcase problem

Go here and ask the MopedWhiz! No one knows Expresses better that I am aware of.

don-ohio (:^D

Re: honda express crankcase problem

Paul Ballard /

Unless something is broken, nothing will fly out when you take that cover off. All the gears, springs, everything, all come out together. Some of the shims for the gears might come out, but all the shafts are different sizes, so you can tell what fits what.

Now your problem...

1) Try adjusting the rear brake a little bit. I had a similar problem with a '79 express, and that's all it was.

2) If that doesn't work, take the cover off, and make sure the ratchet pawl and spring are not broken. The ratchet spring can be tricky to install correctly.

3) Make sure the starter spring itself is installed correctly. It could be binding up.

Re: honda express crankcase problem

Only thing.........Whiz answered you on the other site so you'd better read up! make sure the spring is unwound before disassembling. don-ohio (:^)

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