Oil inside the muffler ?

I have a brand-new Tomos targa Lx . For the first gas tank, they said to put 50:1 oil in gas. I do it, but it make a lot of smoke + i have oil exit of the muffler and i can't go faster of 25 mph!!!! It does the same thing if the timming was not good, the BOSNA plug is ull of oil to !?

It is possible it have to much oil and he can't burn gas correctly ???

Re: Oil inside the muffler ?

Yup - you got it - too much oil can foul plugs - that is why cars that have bad rings burn oil and shoot black (heavy blue) smoke out the tail pipe.

Too much oil causes loss of power and lots of smoke - but it is reccommended to go heavy on oil in new motors and fresh reuilds to be sure you don't score the piston and sleeve.

Re: Oil inside the muffler ?

What 2-stroke oil you using? Castor? if so not good... Itll gum up the exhaust in no time!



I use synthetic Yamaha 2 stroke oil for mix and synthetic oil for injection.

I drain all the gas tank and i'm going to put new gas.

Spark plug NGK B5HS is good ?

Re: oil

Leon Swarmer /

3 points.

1.A NEW bike or rebuilt engine shouldn't be using synthetics.

2. A New/rebuilt engine shouldn't be pushed for top end

3. Oil for mix AND???oil for injection on the same ped?????

Should be either/or..you are feeding it Way to much oil if you are mixing and injecting the same bike.


Re: oil

NGK B5HS is little hot i think? Maybe a little research on your part. Is it still cold in Canada. B6HS might be a little better

Re: oil

go with the 6hs

I found the problem i think !!!!

Thank's for your reply!

For the plug, i think i'm going with the B6hs(NGK), here (Montreal) it's hard to find B5HS ????

I have 2 new Tomos here, i just change the Carburator and everything was ok !?!? I check the jet inside, everything look good. I think is the float needle didn't open enough!?

I'm going to clean it all and put back again ....

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