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Anyone that can help, please... Help Me!

I have been working for a little while on my '64 Sparta and I think I have caused more problems than I have fixed.

When I first got this bike, I had a weak and inconsistent spark. The electrical system is very basic with magneto, coils, points, condenser, spark plug and wire. So far I have:

1. Replaced spark plug cap and wire (and the spark plug)

2. Replaced points

3. Replaced condenser

Now I am getting no spark at all (even with the old spark plug). The wire that connects from the ignition coil to the condenser is in poor to fair condition, with the sheath frayed in parts. I had to remove the coil to install the new spark plug wire. If the wire that connects to the condenser is damaged inside the coil housing, would this prevent spark entirely? Would replacing the coil (and wire) fix this?

Also, there is a fiberglass washer that fits on the bottom of the ignition points, where the wires connect. Does it matter on what side of the fiberglass washer I connect the wires?

Thanks for your help.

Re: No Spark

The top portion of the points mustn't be grounded until contact is made. So look at it and make sure the wires you connected do not touch ANY PART of the base of the points.

Also,yes, replace a bad spark plug wire for sure. Get one from Chris at okay? don-ohio (:^D

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