Fix or Sell?

Etheran St.james /

I've got a red 1981 Garelli Rally SL. (

It was given to me for free last summer, not working.

I got it to run (minus clogged muffler) And it has been doing pretty well since.

The speedometer is broken, the front brakes are too.

The cylinder is scored, and it simply doesn't accelerate sometimes (rather, you've got to give it some help with the feet or just wait for it to start pulling)

I feel like I'm probably riding it into the ground.

I don't know much about engines, but I am mechanically inclined and I got it to run by myself; this is the first moped i've worked with/owned. I'd love to get it running better, but do you think it is worth it?

I was offered 100 dollars (which seemed pretty good to me) and I am deciding whether I should sell it and invest the 100 in a newer one, or just start replacing parts and making it nicer.

This is the first day I've started reading up on my options, and I hope to goto a local store soon (indianapolis).

Any considerations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including how to approach fixing it up/what to do first, ect. OR a better moped (but still old school) to consider buying.

thanks in advance

Re: Fix or Sell?

your bike is nice looking but its probably going to run you about $100.00 or more to get it the way you want. If your like me its hard to get rid of that first moped (still got mine)and 15 mopeds later I,m still looking for that right one lol guess I don't have an answer for you what the hell keep it and buy another one. thanks Ray

Re: Fix or Sell?

Etheran St.james /

she has been there for me in my times of need....

Do you think it'd be worth boring her out and replacing the muffler (among some other small stuff)? Rather, Are there any other areas I should step up/replace so as to not prematurely end it's running condition with the new clean power that it'd be running?

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