CARB SWITCH: dellorto instaed of gurtner

Hami Onder /

I need a new carb on my 77 motobecane 50v and i would like to put on a dellorto carb on instaed of buying another gurtner. i know its possible but someone on here mentioned making custom brackets or something for it to work. i would like to know how difficult the switch would be and if i would need to add or customize anything for it to work. please help

Re: CARB SWITCH: dellorto instaed of gurtner

Mork is the expert on that. She did it. The Dellorto is a fine carb., but you choke it manually without a lever, so using a throttle cable that fits into the Dellorto is very important.

Getting the Dellorto to fit the MBK intake would be a question to ask Mork. I don't know how she did that. don-ohio (:^)

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