1965 mobylette

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Where can I find a schematic of a Gurntner carburator? I also need instuctions on getting to the points. Tried using a strap wrench to hold cover while I used a socket bolt but no luck getting it loose. I asume it has reverse thread. Thanks for any HELP.

Re: 1965 mobylette

Yep........reverse thread. Here ya' go on the carb and anything else you need.......


don-ohio (:^D

Re: 1965 mobylette

I see you have an older MBK so the carb may be a little different,I dunno. Where you at in Ohio,Chuck? I'm in Jackson,OH don-ohio

Re: 1965 mobylette

Thanks for reply...Columbus here

Re: 1965 mobylette

Do you know Vince? He lives in Columbus too. And there are more mopeders in Columbus. I actually like riding the streets up there.......good and flat. I usually moped up there several times each year to visit Handy Bikes and just enjoy a long ride(200 miles round trip on back roads). Keep us posted on your progress on the fine old MBK,ChuckOhio! don-ohio (:^D

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