Puch spark plug wire

Ahh, getting down to the nitty gritty on my spring project Puch Newport today, it hasn't been starting well the last couple of days, I took a look and checked the points, seemed clean. Then I cleaned out the carb with some compressed air, still refused to start. Checked the spark plug wire....the wire was corroded where it meets the ignition coil and there was NO STRAND OF WIRE!!!!, gray or copper, in the normal black strand that runs to the spark plug boot. HOLY SHIZNITS! When I cut it apart to try to find a wire of some sort to join with the socket in the ignition coil end, all I found was black fuzzy stuff. Is this normal? Are spark plug wires supposed to have just frizzy stuff in the middle or are they supposed to have wire in the middle? I know on my Honda Express, the spark plug wire has a copper wire in the middle of the black sheathing. How do I fix this? Any tips would be appreciated.

Re: Puch spark plug wire

The spark will track along a carbon cored wire, but these type wires are really susceptible to going bad. Get another wire from a small engine parts dealer or moped parts place. don-ohio (:^D

Re: Puch spark plug wire

Jason Luther /

i even cut the last 8 inches from an automotive plug wire (from my wifes car, boy was she pissed). that worked fine as well.-jason

Re: Puch spark plug wire

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