Reviving an old ped...

I have a 1982 Honda Motocompo. It's been sitting in the garage for 10 years untouched. I finally found the time to revive this badboy. I've changed the oil, got a new battery, new spark plug, and added gas. It wouldn't start. If you have any helpful tips or suggestions as to how I can make this ped work and running, please let me know.

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Jason Luther /

clean the carburator. clean it well. dont get discouraged. -jason

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Leon Swarmer /

Jenny I had to look up what you have there. What a neat crature.

I'd pull the plug, connect the wire and ground it against the fins with insulated pliars and spin the engine.

Key on . kill switch on...look for a blue spark at the electrode.

I am assuming you gapped it before you put it in. If you aren't getting spark there, you have an electrical problem.


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The first thing I always do with a new ped is Kreme the inside of the tank. (assuming the tank is metal) It is cheap, easy to do, and you will never have to worry about rust in the tank again. You can get the kits on line or at any motorcycle dealership.

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Thanks for the good suggestions. Ok, I cleaned the Carb, and the thing started up. Soon after it starts it Revs all the way up and then dies out. The only thing that keeps it from dying out is my hand over the intake inlet of the carb.

does this have to do with the two adjustment scews on the side of the Carb. If so is there a general rule of thumb on how these are set?

It also seems like the throttle handle seems pretty loose. I dont know if this might have anything to do with it. Can I tighten this Or do I have to replace?

any help would be greatly appreciated


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hay ive seen one of those before but in a different color

ah here it is

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Disconnect the fuel line at the carb and see if fuel flows freely, after 10 yrs. there may be debris in the fuel tank restricting flow.

The carb may also need another thorough cleaning, disassemble it and use spray carb cleaner in all the holes (use eye protection!)

The throttle grip must be tight and no slack in the cable going to the carb.

try those suggestions and let us know what happens.


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Are you using pre-mix fuel?

(gas and 2stroke oil mix)

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i'm thinking this thing might have the vacuum operated fuel tank guys. There is not much height,it seems for the fuel to be dropping out of the tank to the carb?

So,Jenny if it IS vacuum operated, check the hose connection running back to the tank from the intake pipe or thereabouts. Any vacuum leak is gonna seriously affect the fuel delivery system,if that's what it has. If you're gonna keep it,Jenny, get a shop manual for it.

don-ohio (:^)

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Jason Luther /

get an air filter, many peds need them to restrict air flow.-jason

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I'll clean the carb again sometime this weekend. But in the mean time, my throttle grip is very loose. How do I tighten it?

btw, I'm not using pre-mixed gas&2stroke. Both have their own compartments.

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You mean loose on the handlebar? Or the cable has no tension? If it's loose on the handlebar, there should be some kind of a set-screw to tighten.

If it's cable tension, there should be a way of tightening the cable at the throttle. don-ohio

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If it's been stored for 10 yrs., it's possible it may have crud in the fuel tank, when you added fresh gas it may have stirred it up and then the carb will continually become clogged.

Drain some fuel in a clear container and inspect it, if it's polluted, you'll have to drain and clean the tank and carb again...(totally dismantle the carb)

Install a small fuel filter in the fuel line (available at bike shops or mower repair)

The throttle grip can be tightened by the screws in the metal part of the grip (where the cable comes out). A close up photo would help.

If it's just the rubber part of the grip that's slipping on the plastic tube, remove and clean any oil or grease from it then reinstall with rubber cement.

If the cable going to the carb has any play in it, there should be a cable adjuster near the throttle grip or where it enters the carb, to take up the slack.

Hang in there, you eventually get the bugs worked out and have a fun set of wheels and a neat conversation piece.


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Thanks guys.

can anyone explain why the moped would start and then die out? Today I tried starting it with the air box attached and it idles for a few seconds and then it dies.

On the bottom of the carb there is a drain tube(fuel i think) . When the moped starts and dies, fuel comes pouring out that tube. could this have something to do with it?

I also disconnected the fuel line from the top of thecarb and it pours freely.

could it be that I have the idle set wrong and the other screw with the spring set wrong?

I can take pictures if it helps. what should i take a pic of?

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Well,Jenny, it seems to me that if the fuel isn't pouring out while it's idling, then there isn't a leakage at the float bowl drain screw. More likely you may have to solve a float/needle valve problem which is slowly letting the fuel overrun the bowl while idling. If you take the Honda out on tjhe road,does it run okay? Ther adjusting screw for idle speed can be turned IN a little to speed up idling. Does it have a hand choke or electric? By dripping carb cleaner or WD40 around the carb and intake pipe connections, and cylinder to block connection,you can make sure it doesn't have an air inleakage. The engine rpm will increase or decrease if it sucks the WD40 or carb cleaner into any air inleakage.

The mixture screw is usually bottomed out and then backed out 1 and a quarter turens to start with, and then you turn the idle down a little. Then you turn the mixture screw in or out,once the bike is good and hot, and wqhen it speeds up,continue turning it that way until it reaches highest idle. Then turn it the other way until you hear the rpm drop, and set the idle speed screw finally. But all this is for naught if you have a dirty carb or leaky float,so check that first. don-ohio (:^D

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Hi Jenny,

The float is sticking inside the carb or there is debris in the float valve keeping it from closing and allowing the excess fuel to enter.

a float valve looks something like this:

You'll have to dismantle the carb again. Also, the float valve may need adjusted, but I doubt it. (unless it got bent somehow in cleaning).


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