My First post! And first question

Hi everyone...I'm trying to get my first moped and have a possibility. Having known nothing at all and need a lot of help, I'm looking at this one bike, but don't know what I'm in for.

According to the previous owner, it's a 79 Batavus that's currently not running. He says he's a mechanic and it'll need new pistons. I wish I knew more, but that's all the details I was given. I'll have a look at it on Saturday though, depending on what you guys say.

So my questions are, how much do you think it would cost for new pistons, are they hard to find, and what other issues besides rust would I be looking for?

I'm not terribly mechanically inclined, but I'd probably be able to do the repair myself if it's simple enough. He's offering it up for 75.00, but with the repairs, I wouldn't know how much I'd be investing to get it up and running.

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: My First post! And first question

Batavus parts are a bit hard to find, but I think carries a bunch of stuff for them. I've heard they aren't that cheap though. However, it should only need 1 piston, being a one-cylinder engine ;).

Re: My First post! And first question

D'oh...haven't felt like a newbie that bad in a long bad...

Looks like that site is down unless it's my computer messing up...anyone know the approximate price of a piston for that moped?

Re: My First post! And first question

Re: My First post! And first question

Edward Edwards /

It's not the price of the piston ($10.00-$30.00), you have to take into account it might need rings($5.00-$30.00) & maybe the cylinder has to be honed or rebored(shop price $40.00-$65.00 @ hour), that's a whole new subject. In my opion I would look for a moped that's in running condition, you may pay more but it will be less of a hassle for you. Welcome to the world of MOPEDS!

Re: My First post! And first question

Oops, thanks. And ped58 is also right.

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hmm...looks like I'd better shop around for a better deal. The problem is finding a good moped in New England for around $100-150. I don't mind minor reconditioning, but the repair would double what I want to spend...

Anyone know of good places to shop around for a moped in the New England area? My usual sources are bone dry right now...

Re: My First post! And first question

Jason Luther /

i bought my puch on ebay, i found a seller that was local and i went to pick it up (destiny?) just keep looking.-jason

Re: My First post! And first question

I have about 20 peds for sale.

For $150 you'll need to do some work yourself.

I have Batavus top tank for sale.

I have some Bat parts (good cylinder and piston-rings).

E-mail me and I'll send you a pictures.


Re: I'm in New England>CT

I'm located in CT, near Hardford.

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Leon Swarmer /

First of all...if he is a mechanic....Why does he want to dump it? I'd be betting it needs more than a piston and a cylinder or he'd just fix it...

second....under articles you need to take a look at this

you can't check the engine easily if it is not runing, but you can look for other stuff

Rust IN teh gas tank can cause a lot of headaches.

Use a flashlight look into the tank and swish around any fluid you find. Be prepared to clean the tank and the carb if you buya ped that hasn't been running lately.


Re: My First post! And first question

Thanks for the suggestions...I decided not to go with that moped after all - seemed a little too expensive on the onset...

I did however make a purchase 81 Jawa with 1000 miles on it from a local buyer. The bike looks almost completely clean, no rust on anything (aside from the chain), but didn't have a chance to start it. I think it'll be a good project bike, though the owner says all I really need is some gas and go, but he hasn't tested it. The motor turns over though, and all the electrics look fine. I didn't get a chance to take a look in the tank, but I will later.

I'll try and comb through this site for any information on this bike...are the parts hard to find compared to other models? Anyone have any personal experience with it?

I'm pretty excited though...what do you guys think?

Re: My First post! And first question

From what I've heard, Jawas are fairly tough to find parts for, and are finnicky.

Re: My First post! And first question

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