Motobecane Carb

Hi, me and my friend just picked up a nice Motobecane yesterday, and the carb has gone to hell. It doesnt have an airbox, and whats left of it doesnt seem to be in good shape.

Where can I find a new one? It's a Gurtner, but I was reading that you could possibly put a Dellorto on there? What size/model do i need? What size jet do you suggest with that model.


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Daniel Mansager /

i think you can buy whole carburetors at - or

or look on ebay or do a basic search on yahoo.

and i don't think you can put a delltoro on a motobecane, but i dunno?

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You can put a dellorto on a Motobecane, but it doesn't match up directly. You'll need to create a custom bushing to get it to fit. I'm running one on my Motobecane 50V. I had lots of problems with mind slipping off and ended up having to use a really rigged hose clamp solution to get it to hold on, but it does work.


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Very cool... it's going on a 50V as well... which Dellorto do you suggest? I have extra dellorto's that fit on Ciao's (dunno which model they are though).

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Also ... any special airbox i need?

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Use a 15/15. Don't know about the airbox...

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What airbox do you have on your Carb?

also, is it a 15/15?


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Would a Dellorto SHA 12/10, main jet 43 suffice?

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A dellorto can be installed but I would recommend repairing yours if you still have it. Would need to know the year of the bike, wether it is a variator or a dimoby clutch,and if it is a 20, 25, or 30 mph model.

Chris MWH

Re: Motobecane Carb

Okay, well I do still have the original ... but I dont have the airbox for it.. any ideas where I could get one?

I have no idea about anything about this Motobecane ... I'm a Ciao guy .. it's my friends Motobecane that I've been elected to work on.

Thanks so much for your help


Re: Motobecane Carb

You can get if from me. Give me the info on the bike. So I know which one you need.

Chris MWH

Re: Motobecane Carb

Wow killer! You dont by chance sell the whole carb as well do you? I'm wondering the capabilities of even getting this one working.

I'm not familiar with motobecanes, so i just wrote down everything that was on the front plate:

Manufactured Feb '78

GVWR: 253

GAWR Front: 253

Rear: 160

Type 50


Thanks so much!

Re: Motobecane Carb

Stefan Maser /

This is what Ciao normally will come with in Europe.

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