can i put a tomos exhaust on a peugeot 103?

i am thinking about buying a bore kit for my peugeot 103. my peugeot exhaust, however, will not fit on the new cylinder. i have a stock tomos sprint exhaust that will fit it. would it be harmful to use the tomos exhaust on a peugeot with a 70cc kit? if so, how harmful?

Re: can i put a tomos exhaust on a peugeot 103?

The 103 engine rotates on its mount to account for the variator. Therefore your exhaust, whatever you use, must be able to rotate with it. Barring that, you should rejet your carbeurator as approrpiate, and it will work. How well it will work is a question of how well a Tomos exhaust will work on a Peugeot engine...which may be less effective than it could be.

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