Puch Magnum 2

Joseph A. Fournier /

Recently bought a showroom cond. (250 miles) '80 Puch Mag. 2

hi torque. Got it running good. Would like a owners manual, even

a repro of it. Need to check the gear oil and change it. How and

exactly what oil. Which ATF. GM or F and how much. Fill and/or

drain plugs? Where? Many thanks. Paid $100.00 for it. Was

this a decent price? It says, no unleaded gas. What can I do?

Re: Puch Magnum 2

If you have a 2 speed (fill plug on top, oblong shaped tranny cover) it is a common error to fill up the tranny. Drain it out from the bottom drain plug (under the engine) into a clean container. Refill the tranny with 9.5 ounces of ATF type "F".

if you have a 1 speed (fill plug on the side, round tranny housiing cover) use 4.5 ounces.

The tranny needs an air space, gears basically rotate through a pool of ATF at the bottom of the tranny.

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