Fork Lock

I lost the key to my fork lock... what can I do about this? Is there anyway to replace this key or do I need a new Fork Lock in entirely?

Re: Fork Lock

try a locksmith. some are able to reproduce keys from locks. not sure how much this would cost or if its possible on a moped lock tho. ive been meaning to find out how much it costs myself. if you find out, let us know.

Re: Fork Lock

It's a lot.

I lost the key to my car once and had to have one re-made. Turns out the serial numbers to make the key are on the inside of the glove box.

It was still like $100, and that's without him having to make a mold of the lock.

Re: Fork Lock

ok well fuck the fork lock then

Re: Fork Lock

just bring in the lock cylinder to the locksmith it might be 25 something, as in take the lock out and bring it in

Re: Fork Lock

i have had a key for the ignition on one of my bikes made for 30

just take the whole thing there, they will do it if they are good enough


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