Damn Garellli!

Well... since last weekend my Garelli has been fucked up... it does not run. At first I believed it was just because no fuel was flowing because my petcock knob fell off and i could not turn the fuel on. I fixed this by using a screw to fill for the missing knob. It did not solve the problem. Now the engine started up... but it only ran for about 5 seconds then shut down completely on me. Any answers to why my moped will not run? It has a new spark plug, carb. was cleaned recently, and other misc. work was done at it. It worked then, not it doesnt. I need help!

Re: Damn Garellli!

i would make shure fuel is going to the carb.if so and you have spark at plug.reclean carb.check gas tank to make shure no trash or rust is in it.also make shure the chock is working.try new plug first

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