Hey everybody,

My moped is running at the moment, or at least idling. The carb's all gummed up, so I'm cleaning her out before dealing with the whole "can't go full-throttle" thing, and now I've got another freakin' problem with her. (Oh man, gotta love 'em, right?) The horn doesn't turn off. I thought, "oh, well, I'll just clip the wire from the horn button to the horn, and I'll be all set!" Nope. Keeps going, still. So, I'm going to try soldering the horn button back together, and if that doesn't make it stop, I was wondering if I could just take the blue-black wire and the brown wire out of the horn and solder them together? (Thereby bypassing my horn completely, and giving it no power) Would that work? If not, any ideas on ways to shut the thing the eff up?? Sooooo annoying. Hahaha. (And this is coming from me, a fan of bands like The Locust, An Albatross, and Atari Teenage Riot. HAHAHA) By the way, the moped is still the 1979 Puch Magnum MK2... and she's still SEXY!


Swarm and Destroy!


Just remove the brown wire. That will kill it,I believe. The brown is the ground wire. don-ohio


I've tried things like that... removing the brown kills the whole thing. :-/


your problem is your kill switch/horn button. Its broken. The best way would be to get a new one. you would have trouble replacing it with non standard parts. Try disconnecting the gray wire going the the switch, and then disconnect the brown wire going to the horn. that might work. If not, find the wiring diagram and figure out how to bypass the switch properly.

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