FA50 Ignition Black/Yellow WIre

My friend and I are trying to figure our where the black wire w/ yellow stripe that comes off of the ignition coil goes.

When we received the moped, the above wire was cut, and ground to the chassis. THis does not seem correct.

I looked in the manual, but I still can not determine where this wire goes.

There is a whole in the chassis where it looks like the wire can be fished through, but I am unsure if this is where this wire should go?

I did discover a black wire w/ yellow stripe inside the gas/oil compartment---- can I just splice the b/y wire from the ignition coil into the b/y wire that connects to the CDI inside the gas/oil compartment? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Re: FA50 Ignition Black/Yellow WIre

Dave Campman /


the black yellow wire going to teh cdi can be spliced and conected to the coil, i now have spark. and it is good

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