Clutch slipping on Motobecane 50V?

It's a 1975 Motobecane 50V

The engine starts and runs great on the stand, variator moving in and out the way it shoud.

Then I take it for a test ride. For a bit it goes pretty good. Less power than I would expect, but it goes. Then after about 5 minutes all power is gone. The engine still revs good, but no go. I did think the belt might be slipping so I sprayed it with belt dressing.

On the recent test ride I noticed that even though I can rev the engine when the ped is misbehaving, the variator isn't moving in and out. This makes me suspect that it's not turning as fast as the engine which could be because the clutch is slipping when it gets warm.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions before I tear it apart? (To fix, or out of frustration I'm not sure yet)

Re: Clutch slipping on Motobecane 50V?

Are you still sure it isn't the belt? On my Grande the belt is loose. It will start up if I haven't been riding it lately, but after I've been out for a bit, starting it again is a huge pain because the belt is looser. It will slip, too.

Re: Clutch slipping on Motobecane 50V?

The main reason I now suspect the clutch over the belt is that the variator works perfectly when on the stand, but when it's off the stand it doesn't move in and out with the reving of the engine. This makes me think that the high engine RMPs aren't properly passing to the variator because the clutch is slipping under the slightest load.

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