I have an 01 tomos targa LX. ive had a problem lately. there is a seal that keeps blowing out in my transmission(out the pedal shaft and it forces all the tranny oil out. the mopeds clutch then screws up and jumps and stuff. I refill it and it smokes like no other out the exhaust and wont barely run. its blue smoke so its definily oil, but how is it getting from transmission to combustion chamber? if i have to take it all apart I might just buy a 70cc kit. im 18 now, so I dont really ride the moped too much, but I want to do new piston rings while I have it apart, but for $150 I can get the 70 kit.

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Sounds like you have a blown crankshaft seal on the left side in the gear case. This pressures up and blows the pedal shaft seal. Replace both crankshaft seals(the other one's under the stator plate beneath the magneto) and it should be fine. don-ohio (:^)

Re: transmission/powerhead

so even if I did get a 70 kit it wouldnt help because you dont even replace the rod. how hard is this to do? like im ok at working on motors(never really taken a moped down, rebuilt a 350 chevy). anyone have any pictures of the crank/seals/transmission?

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moped warehouse has em for 4 bucks. this is also a sign of why my seal around the pedal shaft keeps blowing out(behind sprocket). is there any websites with instructions/pictures of how to do this?

Re: transmission/powerhead

John.........a crankseal doesn't require you taking apart the crankshaft or even separating the halves of the engine casing,usually.

You get both seals brand new.........dismantle the engine on the clutch side down to removing the 2-speed clutch, and keeping meticulous track of every washer,bushing and shim, you just pop the old seal out and drive the new seal in.

The other side just requires removal of the magneto and coil mounting plate(stator plate) to access the other crank seal.

When you are into the clutch side, take note of any metal shavings and look for bad parts or broken springs,etc. A shop manual would help you out here.

Unless there is up-down play in the piston rod, you don't need to replace it. When you kit it, though, you should replace the upper rod bearing probably. don-ohio (:^)

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