Throttle sticking?

My throttle appears to be sticking. When I'm riding sometimes it'll stay at the same RPM when I let off the throttle.

I took my carb apart and oiled the throttle slide. I also checked response on the cable when I had the carb apart. Both appeared good. Could this be a mixture problem?

Re: Throttle sticking?

Ben, I still think your slide is sticking. I think you should get like 000 or 0000 brillo-pad and really polish up the slide good. Make sure to blow it out. I have a 14mm bing that was alomost seized and with some work its fine.


Re: Throttle sticking?

if you do that, let it sit in a container of gas before you put it back on, so all the little particles are out and dont go into the cylinder


Re: Throttle sticking?

Dude, take off the throttle cable and lube it with a light lube. Due to the age of the bike it could just be an old cable. Also check the free play in the throttle tube (where your hand rests) you want that to have a little free play in that.

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