"creme kit" and resources

First Q: what is a "creme kit"? Is this some sort of kit that will coat the inside of a gas tank? How easy/Difficult is it to apply?

Last Q: anyone know of good resources in the Detroit, MI area for moped parts (such as a creme kit, if it is what I think it is ...)?

Danke schoen

Re: "creme kit" and resources

Bruce Wilkinson /

Creme kit is a three stage rust remover, prep, and coating seal for the gas tank. If done right it's great. I did my two mopeds and had great results. You must follow the directions.My mopeds had tanks built into the frame so I had to pick up the bike and turn it over and over with the help of a friend.It will stop rust from forming in the tank and clogging the carb. bruce

Re: "creme kit" and resources

go to any harley dealer. the kit is like $30 and will work for two or three moped gas tanks. Its pretty simple to apply if you know how to read which Im assuming you do if you wrote that message.


Re: "creme kit" and resources

Its called "kreem"

I just ordered one off of ebay for $35. My tank iss FILLED with rust, and I cant get it out, so I ordered the kreem kit on friday, I hope to get it this week. I'll tell you how it goes, if its easy or not, if it works.

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