Puch Maxi Bogs out

I have a 77' Puch maxi. I rebuilt the motor w/ seals, bearings, rings, etc... The ped starts and idles fine. When I try to power up, it bogs down heavily. I've cleaned the carb three times now. I think its a carburation problem. Could be ignition. Any advice is good. Ben H

Re: Puch Maxi Bogs out

Make sure the airbox is properly restricted. My Maxi Sport didn't run properly until I taped over half the airbox hole, as it was missing a plug that goes in the hose that sucks air from inside the frame. Other than that, try cleaning your carb really well.

Re: Puch Maxi Bogs out

Chris Couillard /

Adjust the carb it is either getting to much air or gas check the plug is it wet

Re: Puch Maxi Bogs out

did you clean, and reset your points?

check your timing, possiblity........

Re: Puch Maxi Bogs out

Hey Matt, i Tried the restricted airflow solution you were talking about. It worked perfectly. thanks. ben

Re: Puch Maxi Bogs out


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