three times the fun

Jason Luther /

okay i have three questions (seriously i dont just sit around trying to think of them, or do i.....)

number one-upon looking underneath my '77 puch maxi's motor while changing the trans oil, i noticed what looked like to be another drain plug(it had the red washer and same hex head as the trans drain) beneath the flywheel housing. is there another cavity i should be lubricating (hold your jokes till the end)

number two. the gasket (bing carb) that seperates the throttle assembly cap and the main carb body was destroyed, so i have been running without one, can enough air leak in for me to run too lean?

number three. what is the proper notch to put the needle on (from the point going up)?

the old girl is running good, but i think one of these things is limiting the top speed. i taped over part of the air hole in my air cleaner and it ran a little faster, but i couldnt get it to idle, even the the screw all of the way in. sorry for the marathon-jason

Re: three times the fun

Chris Artinger /

im also missing the gasket from the throttle assembly to the carb and mines running fine i to worried about running lean but it hasnt failed me yet

Re: three times the fun

same here with the carb and still running strong.

Re: three times the fun

Richard Wisniewski /

hey dude those gaskets where thier for a reason make new ones...or use silicone gue the copper stuff...

Re: three times the fun

Jason Luther /

thanks, but what about that mysterious drain plug i found? it the trans the only thing that requires lubrication?-jason

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