cant get moped to run

Alexander Evans /

Hey , i have a 1979 columbia western flyer, i am trying to fix it. but when i try to start it , it doesn't. i dont think its getting any gas, when i pull the clutch lever, everything moves, the spark plug sparks and the piston moves, but it doesn't start.

help me please!!! any suggestions??!!

Re: cant get moped to run

find a manual, and clean the carb. new gas line and fuel filter can't hurt, in fact replace those as well and remember always new spark plug!! good luck

Re: cant get moped to run

an engine needs 3 things gas, air and compression

take off the float bowl on the carb. and when you turn the fuel valve on you should see it fill the bowl with a steady stream of gas

Re: cant get moped to run

You also have to have proper engine timing, i.e. all three things at the right time. Check out fred's guide uder the resources/articles section above.

Re: cant get moped to run

Jason Luther /

dont think just because your plug sparks its good, buy a new one, and gap it properly.-jason

Re: cant get moped to run

definitly clean ur carb cause i had the same prob wit my 76' bianchi snark and i got it cleaned (i now know how 2 myself) and it ran like new.

Re: cant get moped to run

Also, check to make sure that your tank is clear of any rust, or at least most of the rust... usually it's damned-near impossible to clean them completely, but if any of that crap flakes off and clogs your lines/intakes, it's a pain the butt. Also, check the fuel line coming right out of the tank... if it sometimes pours, sometimes clogs, it's probably rust in the way of the filter. I just took my first filter out on my old moped... man, I'm wishing I hadn't. Hahahaha.

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