Bent rear fork

Not sure if you can tell from this pic, but the left rear fork arm is bent down a bit. I bought this ped without tires and the rims were off. I think it bent in my car on the ride home.

Anyone have any ideas about how to straighten it?

The pins holding the peddle arms in are jammed in pretty tight. If I could get the right side one off I might be able to remove the fork to adjust.


an idea

use penetrating lube to get the pins loose, then when you have the part you need to straighten off, heat it til it's red hot with a torch and carefully straighten it. dunno if that's safe to do, may cause the metal to weaken, but it's a thought.

Re: an idea

be careful when you use a torch though, you do not want to get it too hot.

if you do, it will melt, or it will bend even more


Re: an idea

Jason Luther /

if it bent just by being in your car, you should be able to bend it back (unless someone rearended you or something) try having someone sit on it and put a large pipe (like 6 feet long) over the fork and try to pull it back up. like i said, just bouncing around your trunk cant be more force than you can put on it.-jason

Re: an idea

I'm hoping that it's not too weakened. I'm assuming that once the wheel is on that that provides extra support and it just won't re-bend once I start to ride. In the mean time I think I'm going to try using the CDI for my other Jawa.

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