tomos not idling

I have a 2003 tomos ttlx and it wont idle i just had it in the shop yeterday for a tune up and it cuts out i have less then 50mile and it broke down. what could be the problem??? thanks alot

Re: tomos not idling

Jason Luther /

do you have gas in it?

Re: tomos not idling

Jason Luther /

before or after the tuneup was it not idling?

Re: tomos not idling

yea it had gas and yea it idled b4 the tune up and even when i adjusted the screw it didnt help thanks

Re: tomos not idling

Jake Van Order /

could be the dreaded timing...

that's a tough thing to do but you can learn by reading fred's guide.

other than that, make sure the carb is clean.


Re: tomos not idling

Charles Hargus /

Try adjusting your throttle cable.

Re: tomos not idling

Jeremy Smoot /

I have a '94 Tomos Tomos (yes, the make is Tomos, and the model is also Tomos), and it has the same problem of not idling. My dad has helped me, and he has worked with 2-strokes all his life. He can't figure out what it is either.

-engine has excellent compression

-gas comes out of the petcock freely as it should

-carb. was cleaned out thoroughly

-reed valve gasket was replaced

-both crankshaft seals were replaced

-we did a pressure test on the engine, and there is no air leaks in the transmission casing

-have tried adjusting both throttle cable and idle jet (w/no results)

-replaced points & condensor

-gapped points

-put new spark plug on it

-gapped spark plug

When I do a plug chop, it is the right light-tannish color it should be.

It rides excellently at anything faster than idle. When you let off the throttle, the engine slows down, and then dies.

Does anybody know what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance for any help I can get,


Re: tomos not idling

With only 50miles (Actually less since the odometer reads in Kilometers). You should not be having to bring it in for a tune up. It Probably is still under warranty. It is possible that you have a small vacuum leak or that the idle port in the carburetor is plugged. This port needs special attention as soaking the carb and spraying it with carb cleaner and blowing it out will not clean the port. I have made a special tool just for this procedure. If it is still under warranty do not work on it at all. just bring it in and tell them you will pick it up when it runs right.

Chris MWH

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