fa50 getting spark help!!

im not gettin spark from my fa50 but theres more too it then a dirty plug let me explain of bit of it first.

1) the spark plug is a clean brand new ngk, that fits and is perfect.

2) i took out the gas tank and in doing this might have disconected the cdi, i dont think i reconected if it was unhooked. the cdi is on the side of the gas tank

3) the spark plug wire/coil might not be working i cant get continiuity, i belive i am testing it right.

4) i do not have ignition points, so no prob with dirty ones, i have a cdi

im not sure what else to say, that hasnt been said. i will be responding to any quesitons about symptoms posted

Re: fa50 getting spark help!!

I would start by buying an analog volt meter, these are cheap and obsolete but for ignition testing on small engines they're pretty nice to have as opposed to digital. a good test to start with is the positive feed to the coil, disconnect it from the coil and connect it to you + lead on the meter. connect - to ground turn the ignition on and kick it, if the wiring to the cdi and coil is good the need le should "pulse" somewhere between 0 and 6 volts (make sure your meter is on a low enough voltage range) if you don't get any movement you'll need wiring diagrams to find out how your cdi gets a reference signal (sadly it often comes from points). if you get pulsing test resistance between the wire from the coil you just disconnected and ground. it should be relatively low then check between the spark plug wire and ground, this should be much higher. next check between the plug and coil wires and you should get pretty close to the two previous measurements added together. i'm sure coil testing is explained better else ware but i've used this method on many-of my own engines and i think it's a good place to start.

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