new honda pa50II please help!

PLEASE HELP GUYS! Ok, I got my new 1980 honda pa50 II running, I cleaned the carb, cleaned the petcock, and there was rust in the tank so i cleaned that (still a little left but thwere a filter on it), and I replaced the air filter. Ok, I got it running!! To get it running i have to pedal real hard while holding full throttle, then it starts and it will stay running as long as i dont stop, i took it for a ride down my street, seemed to be going A LOT faster than my nc50, i must have been doing 30-35 mph, but on my way back, it started going "beeww b b b bewww beeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww" (lol) and stoped, now I cant get it started again. I messed aroyund with the carb to try and get the right settings, does anyone know the right settings for this carb (i.e. all the way in, then out 2 turns) If you do please tell me. Also, sometimes when I started it, it made a very loud POP! and a big cloud of smoke came out of tthe exhaust. Also, a couple of times when i was starting it, you could hear "pheeewww" come out, it sounded like air pressure was coming out or something. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME???? Thanks alot, Ross.

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