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Keith Cunningham /

Hey guys, Got around to working on my PA50 project, that I cannot seem to get a spark from, today. I have tried just about everything I can think of. Tonight I cut about an inch off the coil wire and rethreaded the coil head(? the part that houses the spark plug) back into the wire. So now the points are clean (300 grit sandpaper 7 times on both 'sides' and some WD40 to boot.) The coil has been freshly redone. The electrical is all correct. Hmm I mean I have tried a lot of things man but maybe you have something else? I am at the end of my knowledge and since I mostly work on Puchs I don't know any other tricks to the PA50. Please help. Thanks in advance.


Re: Honda PA50 Help

Edward Edwards /

I have a PA50-1 and I could not get a spark either, so I started to trace all the wires. This is what I found, the wires coming from the stator & going in between the engine case & the bike frame, 3 of the 4 wires were cut. I spliced new wires & drilled a 3/8" hole in the bike frame next to the engine case to route the new wires so they won't be cut anymore, I also used a small rubber grommet for protection of the wires for the hole I drilled. I now have spark & it runs nice, I hope this helps you out.

Re: Honda PA50 Help

On the pa50s i've worked on the insulation around the Magneto (not ignition) coils looked pretty bad, i've never had a problem with them in this condition, but one might want to check resistance in these coils. another check might be to set the points so they will not open then disconnect the feed to the ignition coil and check the voltage between the positive coil feed and ground while the engine is being cranked. a reading between 3-6 volts i believe would prove the integrity of your wiring. Check resistance on the ignition coil, between coil wire and ground should be relatively low resistance. between spark plug wire and ground should be high. My first pa50 i bought from a man who was color-blind he couldn't make it run but he was sure it was one of the "brown wires" they were all messed up.

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