Fa50 need help

Hey my friend and i have been workin on my suzuki fa-50. We took apart the carb it was all gummed up so we cleaned it out and used some carb cleaner. Before we did this it would start sometimes but leak a lot of gas near the manifold. we reassembeld it and it didnt leak gas any more it also didnt start lol. it is getting some gas but not much im wondering what i should do to it? the float seems to be fine but im not sure. It will start with carb cleaner though. theres also those two hoses i have no idea which if any goes on the brass part on the bottom of the carb. would really like to get this thing going. thanks in advance =)

Re: Fa50 need help

I Bought my fa50 from a junk yard i couldn't make it run with out a proper air cleaner,The brass part on the bottom is usually the drain. i always feel a good check is to open the drain on the carb to see if it is full. there should be a screw nearby to open and close it. if not put the gas valve to "pri" and see if gas comes out after a few seconds. that is a real unusual choke on that carb too, it took me a while to figure out how it works

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