no power for my puchmaxi sport

ok i put 14 mainfold on it 14 mm carb too and rebuilt the motor now it starts in one pedal but now my problem is no power like it take me a cross the stret and back but seem like there no air flitler on it just coughts and dosent pull when i gas it all the way i have air filter but it acts like there no air filter like when i lift the wheel up and gas it alway to goses prety fast do u know my problem is or how to fix this problem u think air leak or what let me know your ideas ok thanks

Re: no power for my puchmaxi sport

You may have the opposite problem--not _enough_ air. Try messing with the amount of air going into the engine. Leave the air filter off for a short ride (don't overheat the engine) and see what that does (or derestrict it some other way if possible). If you're using the stock 50cc cylinder, I wonder if a 14mm carb may be too much for it. I'm not sure on that though. You probably have a larger cylinder anyway.

Re: no power for my puchmaxi sport

try raising the needle in the carb one notch and see how that affects it.


Re: no power for my puchmaxi sport

Did you make sure it was timed correctly? Check for air leaks?

Re: no power for my puchmaxi sport

You are nearly 9 years late to the party.

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