puch problem any ideas

Chris Couillard /

does anyone know were I can gut a motor for an 80"s puch

I amworking on a friends bike and the motor was not ran for 4 years and now it crank bearing I think are gone

and there is some kind of wiring problem

WHen its runing you hear a loud rapping and when you turn on the like it stays on for about a min. and turn it self off

there is no blow by and the piston is in good shape

carb is in good shape the hole bike is in good shape . or could it be the tranmission were would I get part for it

Re: puch problem any ideas

Jason Luther /

i wouldnt think your motor is bad, my puch made a clinking noise, it turned out to be a seized chain link., just clean the carb well, its probably flooding-jason

Re: puch problem any ideas

It's probably a noise coming out of the tranny. don

Re: puch problem any ideas

If it has been sitting for 4 years, do your due diligence and clean and flush the tank, fuel petcock and carb. Inspect and clean the points if needed. Adjust the idle and see if it will idle properly.

If it still dies after the minute it's could be a bad condensor.

Drain and refill the tranny with ATF type "F". 1 speed tranny (round side cover) with 5.5 ozs of ATF. 2 speed takes 9.5 ozs. (retangular side cover) DON'T top it off or overfill if it is a 2 speed.

Go over the bike and make sure everything is properly tightened down and the drive chain is adjusted correctly, not too tight and not too loose (chain slap).

After all this and it runs OK but stll makinga clattering sound and low rpms, then report back.

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