reed valve questions

i have an all stock 1980 puch maxi luxe and i heard about a "reed valve".

reed valve questions:

do all stock puch maxi luxe peds have one?

where is it located?

can i add one if there is none?

Re: reed valve questions

Your Maxi doesn't have a "Reed valve" The Puch Maxi has "Ports" which are round holes in the cylinder where gas/air mixture from the carb is sucked into the engine (the intake port) or burnt gases are expelled from the cylinder (the exhaust port).

There is also a transfer port inside the engine that allows air from the crankcase to travel up into the cylinder to help push out burned gases.

Some mopeds have Reed valves and they are usually under the carb and are a flat "U" shaped piece of strong spring steel. Thye open to let fuel/air mix from the carb into the cylinder and then close. There is an exhuast port on the bottom side of the engine to let burned gases escape.

If you want to read more about it and see a moving animation of all this go to this link.

Re: reed valve questions

thanks for the info zippy

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